Episode 2

Episode 2

Nine months have passed since Anne Kneiland was killed but Muncie cannot touch prime suspect Manuel when his father gives him an alibi. Days later Marion Watt, her daughter Vivienne and her sister are all shot dead in their beds and Marion's husband Bill, who argued with Vivienne, is arrested. Muncie believes they were a tragic case of mistaken identity, killed by Manuel, who was hoping to target another family, and he is even more convinced when Manuel tells Bill's solicitor Laurence Dowdall that the real killer was a local crime boss - though it does lead to Bill's release. At Christmas Manuel is enraged when his sister Theresa accuses him of stealing the presents he gives to the family and he storms out. Next day Muncie is informed that another young woman, Isabelle Cooke, has gone missing. Written by don @ minifie-1


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